Block 107 - More Hockey Figure Images Added

The NHL lockout and subsequent cancellation has finally had an impact on the release schedule of these excellent hockey collectibles.  Added to the hockey figure feature on the site today are images of the next two sets to be released,

PD - 20/03/05

Slap-Shots - New Mask Images Added to The Locker Room

The 2004/05 NHL season may now - officially - be no more but the updates continue with 51 new NHL and 4 new international mask images being added to the various pages of The Locker Room.

PD - 27/02/05

Block 107 : More Hockey Figure Images and News

The Hockey Figure feature here on ITC has been updated with images of NHL Legends Series 2 and news of some other forthcoming releases.

PD - 06/02/05

Block 107 : New Hockey Film Added

I have added a review of a lesser known hockey film - The Rhino Brothers - to the Hockey Films section of View From Block 107, the features section of the site.

PD - 16/01/05

Block 107 : New Hockey Figure Images and News

This week’s update is for those of you who collect, or are interested in, the McFarlane hockey figures with images of Series 9 of these being added to the Hockey Figures feature here on ITC.

PD - 09/01/05

The Locker Room : 14 New Mask Images

The first of the promised updates is here and focuses on one of the main features of this site - netminder masks.  I have added fifteen new images to the General Masks section of the The Locker Room feature here on the site.  More NHL related masks will be added in the next couple of weeks.

PD - 02/01/05

Happy New Year To ITC Visitors

I would like to wish all ITC visitors a Happy New Year - I hope 2005 brings you what you are hoping for, whether hockey related or not.  I also hope it sees the return of hockey to Manchester and the NHL!!

PD - 02/01/05

In The Crease In 2005

Although I still love the sport of hockey my enthusiasm for updating the site each week has been severely dented this season due to absence of a team in Manchester and the ongoing lockout in the NHL but I never intended it to be five months between updates!

One of my New Year resolutions is to get back into updating the site - particularly as I have just renewed the domain for another two years - and I am already at work behind the scenes including preparing some new images of McFarlane Hockey Figures and, my personal favourite, hockey masks.  I also have a trip to the Hall of Fame in Toronto to comment on so plenty to come over the forthcoming weeks.

Hopefully, work on the new rink for the Phoenix will start soon and the NHL owners and the NHLPA can reach an agreement and the NHL can restart.  Until then, I will continue to focus on the other side of being a hockey fan as I have done in the past.

Finally, I would just like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and come back real soon!

PD - 24/12/04

The Firehouse : Another Bump In The Road

The news of the decision voted for by Manchester Phoenix fans back in July and my response to this has now been moved to The Firehouse section of the site along with all the other Manchester Phoenix material.

PD - 24/12/04

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Manchester Phoenix - updated 29/02/04 Pittsburgh Penguins - updated 14/03/04
Netminders of the NHL 2002/03 - Completed 11/5 Team Canada : Olympic Gold 2002 - added 22/02 as part of the Team Canada Tribute Feature


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