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Me with Mario Lemieux

About Me!

The point of this section of the site is for me to provide anyone who is in the slightest it interested a little bit of background info on myself and this site.  Thatís me in the picture to the left - not the one in the car, thatís Mario Lemieux - so if anyone feels an uncontrollable urge to come speak to me at a game you at least know what I look like.

So, some background info.....well, I am 28 at the moment and work as a team manager for a life assurance company in Manchester city centre.  When at Storm games, me and the wife sit in block 107 (hence the name for this section of the site) and we have been going to Storm home games pretty much since they started.

In addition to the Storm, I am also a Pittsburgh Penguins fan and actually went out there in 2001 to see a few games - managed to get some pictures and autographs as well but I digress as that is covered elsewhere on the site!

As for favourite players?  No contest : Mario Lemieux - in my opinion the best player to ever put on skates.  For the Storm, it would have to be Frank Pietrangelo, the man who set off my fascination for the masked men of hockey.

I could write a detailed essay on how I first got into ice hockey and where my passion for the sport in general  comes from but I would guess that most of those types of story run pretty much the same....see first game, hooked ever since!  Am I right?

Okay, so what about the site?  This new look for the 2002/03 season is the fourth incarnation of In The Crease since it first appeared on the web a few years back as part of my Paulís Domain website.  What was once one of three sites I created and maintained has now become the only one I have time for!

The point of the site is simple - I enjoy creating and maintaining it and thatís pretty much all the reason I need to continue.  However, if, at the same time, I manage to create something that at least a few people out there in cyberspace find interesting, useful or even enjoyable then that is a real bonus.  Iím not after big hits per day stats but I would welcome any feedback you have on any aspect of the site, good or bad!

I have VERY limited knowledge of HTML so use NetObjects Fusion to create the site and Paintshop Pro (v4.15SE) and Satori Photo XL (v2) to create the images for it.

Finally, I would like to thank my wife, Helen, for her understanding and patience during the hours I spend locked away working on the site.  Iím just lucky she shares my passion for the game!

PD - July 2002