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The fact that you have made it to this page means you either share my interest in action figures or you’ve managed to click on a wrong link along the way.....I hope the former!

The point of this section is to showcase images and provide articles relating to the McFarlane Toy’s range of hockey related action figures from the Hanson Brothers from Slap Shot (their earliest) to the latest announcement of forthcoming series.  Each Series of the range is represented in it’s own page and although each page has images of the relevant figures I have also added an overall gallery page which includes images of all of the figures available or announced.

I hope you enjoy this section and if just one more person takes up collecting these excellent figures then it’s all worthwhile!  (For those of you that follow the ‘other’ US sports as well, McFarlane Toys also produce a similar range of NFL, NBA and MLB figures - check out Spawn.com for more details!)

Series 11 and In The Crease Boxed Set Images

With the change of scheduling mentioned below I thought it made sense to add images of the next two releases from McFarlane in their hockey range - the six figure Canadian exclusive set Series 11 due in April and the three figure, Walmart Canada exclusive, In The Crease netminder boxset.  Images of the figures for both have been added - see the Series 11 link above - and to the gallery.

Images of Series 10 - now due in November - will be added soon as will images of the forthcoming Legends 3 and Team Canada once available.  In relation to Legends 3, all-time great Bobby Orr has replaced Gilbert Perrault in this set and the Perrault figure will appear in Legends 4 instead.

PD - 20/03/05

NHL Legends Series 2 Images Added

A page dedicated to the upcoming (released April 2005) NHL Legends series 2 has been added as well as the images being added to the Gallery section of this feature.  In addition to this series a third set has also been announced for later in the year and further details of that and other news related to the figures can be seen below.

PD - 06/02/05

Schedule Changes, New Series and A New Link

The current NHL lockout has finally had an effect on the release schedule of the McFarlane hockey figures.  The next ‘full’ series of NHL figures - Series 10 (pictures coming here soon) - will be postponed to November 2005.  With the general lack of interest in NHL merchandise this comes as no surprise.  However, Series 11, one of the six figure Canadian exclusive series that have been released over the past couple of years will be released in April.  For fans outside of Canada this will mean hitting eBay or other online retailers but at least it continues the figures. 

In a slight departure from the NHL, September 2005 will see the release of the second set of Team Canada hockey figures.  Where the first concentrated on those players who claimed Olympic Gold, this new set will represent players from different time periods - Wayne Gretzky, Grant Fuhr, Mark Messier, Mario Lemieux, Martin Brodeur, Vincent Lecavalier, Jarome Iginla and Joe Sakic.  Looking at the spread of figures this could be a great series and should see the debut of some historic Team Canada jerseys.

The third bit of news here is the announcement of Series 3 of the NHL Legends line - due for release in November 2005.  This will, again, feature two Wayne Gretzky figures alongside, Gilbert Perrault, Pete Mahovlich, Tony Esposito and Marcel Dionne.

So, although the lockout is finally hitting the scheduling of these figures it looks like it should still be a pretty good year for collectors.

Finally, a quick note of a site I have been asked to add a link to - The Complete McFarlane Sportspicks Hockey Checklist - please check it out if you get the chance.

PD - 06/02/05

Series 9 Images and Line-Up News

Although I have gotten a little behind with the images and news over the past few months I have taken the first step toward getting back up to date.  The first thing I have done is added a page for Series 9 of the NHL figures and added the images of these figures to the gallery.  The addition of these images to the gallery has also prompted an additional page for the Gallery to avoid too many pictures on any one page - all four pages of the gallery can be accessed from the table above.

Coming soon will be images of Series 10 and the second NHL Legends series as well as the Heritage Classic double pack featuring Jose Theodore and Jason Smith.

Until then, confirmation of some line-ups for the forthcoming series:

NHL Series 10 - Jaromir Jagr (Rangers), Rick Nash (Blue Jackets), Jarome Iginla (Flames), Martin St Louis (Lightning), Robert Lang (Red Wings), Joe Thornton (Bruins), David Aebischer (Avalanche) and Jose Theodore (Candiens)

NHL Series 11 - Mikka Kiprusoff (Flames), Ales Hemsky (Oilers), Michael Ryder (Canadiens), Joe Nieuwendyk (Maple Leafs), Ed Jovanovski (Canucks) and Nikolai Khabibulin (Winnipeg Jets)

NHL Legends 2 - Wayne Gretzky (Oilers), Wayne Gretzky (Kings), Grant Fuhr (Oilers), Jean Beliveau (Canadiens), Mike Bossy (Islanders) and Phil Esposito (Bruins)

PD - 09/01/05