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Hockey - probably the least popular of the four major sports over in the US and seen as not much more than a minority sport by most over here in the UK.  With this in mind, it seems logical to expect very few films or TV programmes to exist that include the sport in some way, right?  Wrong!  I didnít realise just how wrong this assumption was until I posted a message on the Into The Storm forum asking for help with names of hockey related films.

I couldnít believe the response - I mean pretty much everyone knows about Slap Shot and the Mighty Ducks films but I ended up with a list of over 60 films or TV programmes that had featured the sport in some way.  There were some I had seen, some I had heard of but not related to hockey (Love Story anyone!) and others I had just never heard of!

The point of this section of the site is to provide a brief synopsis of some of these films alongside my thoughts on them - the section will be updated on an ad-hoc basis with new films or TV programmes.  If you would like to get involved by expressing your views on a film, whether it is already included or not, then please contact me - the more opinions expressed, the better.

Featured Films:

Slap Shot

The Mighty Ducks Are Champions

Sudden Death

Mystery, Alaska

Gold Rush

NEW - The Rhino Brothers