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Frank Pietrangelo - The Fan’s Tributes

Paul Davies - Manchester Storm and Pittsburgh Penguins fan and creator of In The Crease

“Frank Pietrangelo was a key part of Manchester Storm’s two major trophy wins in the last two years and in my opinion the Storm’s chances of winning those trophies would have been greatly reduced had we not had Frankie

between the pipes. His first season especially he was amazing, every time the opposition got a breakaway and were through one on one with him you would just assume he was going to stop it - that’s how invulnerable he was that year. It’s hard to pick one memorable save out as there were that many!

While injury affected his form last season he was still the #1 netminder at the Storm- proven by his display in the Benson & Hedges Cup semi-final and final - as well as the most experienced player at the club. His presence on the ice will be sorely missed by this Storm fan and it will take somebody special to fill the skates of #40!”

P Corey Gilkes - Hartford Whalers fan

“There is a lone save he made in a playoff game when he was in Pittsburgh. I can't remember the exact circumstances but it was in overtime and someone came in on him all alone and ripped a screaming slapshot. He

picked it off with one of the most spectacular glove saves I have ever seen. He held the classic pose afterwards. That save was played on a ton of ads for the NHL on ESPN for years.”

Scott S - Pittsburgh Penguins fan

“Well there are a few things to remember about Frank, probably the thing me and many other Pens fans remember about him was his incredible save in the Playoffs vs the New Jersey Devils Petr Stastny, it was and still is

one of the most incredible saves in NHL history. Besides that, one of the other things I remember was that Frank was in goal for my 1st ever Pens game I went to back in the 1989 season. The Pens won in overtime 3-2 on a Randy Gilhen goal. It was a big win.”

(Scott’s website - Frank Pietrangelo section)

Cheryl Smith - Manchester Storm fan and supplier of photos to In The Crease

“He genuinely changed the face of goaltending in this league: name a great goalie before Frank. He had this air of invincibility in his first season, and that would have continued had he been healthy and supported defensively.

I don't remember goalies being talked about with quite the same regard as Frank was in that first year. The emphasis was on goalscorers; now goalies are the pivotal parts of their respective teams. Frank put ISL goalies on the map, and greatly enhanced their reputation in foreign competition.

He's gonna create a whole sub-section of little goalies. How many kids seriously wanted to be hockey goalies before Frank? Now lots of kids got their start in the game - at whatever level - because they got mesmerised by Frankie's play.

 What's Frank's legacy? Well, the above are all important, but for me his legacy will always be robbing Ed Courtenay with a flash of the glove; stacking the pads against PC Drouin; getting smacked about by Nicky Chinn in the 99 Playoff semi; jumping for joy after the final save in the 99-00 B&H Cup Final; frustrating the Steelers at every turn and just being the awesome player he always was, and a statesman for the game of hockey to boot. I'll remember him as a winner and a Storm legend. Oh, and there is always THAT SAVE in the Pens cup run!”

John Eue - Hartford Whalers fan

“I guess the only thing I'd add to what I've already written about Frank on my Web site, Whalers Warehouse, is what I remember about his 1994 season. Frank had been sent by the Whalers to their minor-league affiliate, his

first demotion since 1989. But things were going very badly for the Whalers that year -- six players had been arrested after a brawl in a bar, the coach had been arrested on drunk-driving charges; it was a very ugly time on and off the ice. Frank went to Springfield and played. He showed a lot of class, and even said that being away from the circus that was going on in Hartford may have been a good thing.”

Dave Kynaston - Manchester Storm Fan (Block 109, Row M, Seat 18)

“I’ll be honest, when Frank first signed for the Storm his was not a name I was familiar with. However, it’s now a name I shall never forget.  He gave the Storm fans so much. The much desired Superleague title, the almost as

much desired Benson and hedges Cup and, above all, pride. Being able to chant ‘We are number 1’ in Sheffield means a lot to us Storm fans.

My favourite save of Frankies came in Sheffield and it was against Ed Courtenay. He received the puck on the right wing at about the half boards, took one look and fired a missile which was heading straight for the top shelf glove side. Frankie flung his glove up and made a fantastic stop to rob Courtenay. It is an image that will stick with me.

However, I recently had the chance to watch “The Save” and that was something special. No wonder Frankie is held in such high regards in Pittsburgh. The way the New Jersey fans behind the goal showed just how good a save it was.

Frankie, I hope you are successful in what you do, I’m sure you will be. All the best and look after yourself.”

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