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Blair Scott

Frank Pietrangelo - The Player’s Tributes

Blair Scott - Manchester Storm Captain, 2000/2001 Season

“People come and go during a season and that’s the nature of hockey. Last week we lost Frank Pietrangelo who finally had to call it a day because of injury.

Frank and I joined the Storm at the same time. He was one of the most highly-rated players ever to come over here and not many of the guys have played alongside a Stanley Cup winner, or someone who is a personal friend of Mario Lemieux. He was the elder statesman of the locker room and as captain I learned a lot from him and always valued his opinion. We’ll miss him.”

Taken from Blair Scott’s Captain’s Log feature in the Manchester Evening News, Friday 11 December, 2000

Dave Trofimenkoff

Dave Trofimenkoff - Manchester Storm Netminder, 2000/2001 Season

“Frankie was a great role model for me, I was very sad to see him go. More than that though, it was a sad way for his career to end and I think all the guys on the team felt for him. He will have been preparing himself for retirement, but to spend your last season in the stands and have to quit quite suddenly must have been horrible for him. Even when he wasn’t involved, when he wasn’t playing, you would hear the same positive things from him. He was a laid back guy but a leader on the team, that’s what made him such a good goalie. Frankie would always come up with the that big save in a game, he had such a great style of play and made it look so easy, everyone learnt a lot from him.”

Taken from Manchester Storm game programme dated 7 January 2001

Jamie Leach

Jamie Leach - Nottingham Panthers Captain 2000/2001 Season and part of the 1991 Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Winning Squad with Frank Pietrangelo

“You never want to see a guy go out like that. But it will be nice to look up and not see him in the net!

When I heard he was coming here, I felt the game here had really taken off. I knew Frankie wouldn’t go anywhere he was uncomfortable.  He’s done a lot for the Storm and is hugely respected on and off the ice. I can’t see why they couldn’t retire the jersey. They will find it hard to replace a player of his calibre.”

Taken from the article Leach’s Tribute in Ice Hockey News, w/e 9 December 2000