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2000/01 Storm Squad Picture

In The Crease Tribute to #40 - Frank Pietrangelo

At the start of December 2000, Manchester Storm netminder Frank Pietrangelo was advised by doctors that the injury he had would prevent him from playing again this season. Frank had already stated that the 2000/01 season was to be his last year playing and therefore retired from the game and returned to Canada on 2 December.

And that was it, he had gone, back to Canada with no hoop-la or fuss and no chance for the fans to say goodbye to the man they all ‘knew’ as Frankie. Now, you could argue, so what, the injury only brought forward an already impending retirement by 6 months and strictly speaking you would be correct. But, you would be missing the fact that by however a brief amount of time, he went before his time, before he (and the Storm fans) wanted him to go.

So that covers the who...how about the what and why? Well, the title says it all really, a tribute to #40, Frank Pietrangelo. However, Frankie’s career was much more than the 2 and a bit seasons spent with the Storm and this will, hopefully, be reflected in the tribute. Having said that, as I only ‘knew’ him as a Storm player there will be a bias towards Storm related pictures - if only because they are the easiest to get hold of!!

As for why... well, why not?!! First and foremost, Frankie was a huge part of why the Storm won two major trophies in back to back seasons and throughout his career he has won championships including the ultimate prize in hockey, the Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Apart from the championships he has won, and the effect on hockey in the UK he may have had, is the fact that he is my favourite Storm player.

Hope you enjoy reading about Frankie’s career and if you have any comments on this or material that can be added to the tribute then please contact me here. Otherwise, choose the section you want from the menu above and start reading....

PD - 7/1/2001

Frankie P is ‘In The Crease’!!!

I recently had the opportunity to ask Frankie P to take a look at this site and let me know what he thought of it - especially as he features so heavily on it. And HE DID!!!!

“I do think your site is quite impressive and includes a lot of interesting information as well as some cool memorabilia. You just might hear back from me personally requesting some of it. Good luck with your site....” - Frank Pietrangelo

Now, regular visitors to the site will know that I am a huge Frankie fan - thanks in some part to him having played for (and won the Stanley Cup) with my NHL team, the Penguins, but him taking the time out to take a look at the site and actually let me know what he thought of it shows just what a class act Frankie is - Thanks Frankie!!

PD - 25/11/2000

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