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The Pittsburgh Penguins Online Hockey Card Collection - WBS Penguins

This section of the Penguins online hockey card collection started off as a minor add-on to the main Pittsburgh Penguins set.  However, following further contributions from BabyPensFan and Michael N (aka Smiley) from Penguin Heaven, I made them into a collection in their own right and gave them their own page!

The 2001/02 BabyPens Collection

Title Card #1 - Mario Lemieux #2 - Sebastien Caron #3 - Jason MacDonald #4 - Tom Kostopoulos #5 - Peter Ratchuk
#6 - Darcy Verot #7 - Billy Tibbetts #8 - David Koci #9 - Michal Sivek #10 - Jan Fadrny #11 - Alexander Zevakhin

THANKS to Michael N. for the continued use of his pictures!

For BabyPensFan and Smiley from Penguin Heaven.....

WBS Penguins Title Card Alexander Zevakhin Brendan Buckley Jason MacDonald Tyler Wright Jason MacDonald (2)
Tyler Wright (2) Tux Slaney & Wright Dennis Bonvie Dennis Bonvie (2) Tom Kostopoulous

BabyPens Cards featuring photos by Michael N.

Michal Rozsival Joel Laing Toby Petersen Milan Kraft Chris Kelleher

BabyPens St Patricks Day Jerseys - Photos by Michael N.

Rich Parent Milan Kraft Sebastien Caron Tom Kostopoulos

Thanks to Michael N. for the continued use of his personal BabyPens photo collection

IMPORTANT NOTE : The In The Crease WBS Penguins hockey card collection has and continues to take a lot of work to put together. If you want to include any of these on your site please contact me first to discuss this. Thanks - PD