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The Manchester Storm On-Line Hockey Card Collection

The Manchester Storm On-Line Hockey Card Collection began life back in the 1999/2000 season as a way of presenting images of the Storm players at that time in a slightly different format than seen elsewhere.  The decision to use the trading card format was driven by the absence of any Storm or ISL related trading cards at the time.

With a different series for each season and the addition of spin off sets celebrating trophy wins or paying tribute to influential players from the Storm, the collection has grown way beyond any of the initial expectations I had for it.  Add to this the sets dedicated to the Pittsburgh Penguins and the goaltenders of the ISL and NHL and the ITC Hockey Card Collection has become the main feature of the In The Crease site!

Links for each of the Storm series, one for each season, and the additional subsets are below - please note that these pages contain a number of images and may take a few seconds to load.  If you prefer a text based checklist then you can view one here.

Season by Season:

Series 1 - 1995/1996  Season Series 2 - 1996/1997 Season Series 3 - 1997/1998 Season Series 4 - 1998/1999 Season Series 5 - 1999/2000 Season Series 6 - 2000/2001 Season Series 7 - 2001/2002 Season Series 8 - Completed 29/12

Other Storm Sets:

#41 'The Rock' Brad Rubachuk Superleague Champions 1998/99 Frank Pietrangelo Storm Stars B&H Cup Winners 1999

IMPORTANT NOTE : The In The Crease Manchester Storm hockey card collection has and continues to take a lot of work to put together. If you want to include any of these on your site please contact me first to discuss this. Thanks - PD

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