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Brad Rubachuk Interview

Date - February 2001

1. Tell us about where you are now, what you are doing etc?

I am living in Calgary with my wife Joanne. Who I met in Manchester and is from Liverpool. I own a dry cleaning business and running it day to day.

2. Do you still keep in touch with any ex teammates, if so who & do you ever meet up?

Yes I keep in touch with a few guys via email. I saw Mike Morin this summer and we had a few beers, I also saw Dave Morrison when he was here in Calgary during the NHL entry draft and we also had a few beers. I also keep in touch with Darren Hurley and Daryl Lipsey.

3. What are your fondest memories of your time with the Storm, e.g. certain games - things that went on 'behind' the scenes etc?

My fondest memories are when we won the Superleague championship trophy and got to parade it around the Manchester fans also another fond memory was when my jersey was retired at the arena.

4. If you could go back in time & replay one game from your past - which would it be?

I was playing in the AHL for the Rochester Americans and we were playing the Binghamton Rangers. We played them 14 times during the year and never beat them once they had an awesome team. We ended up playing them in the playoffs and won in 7 games.

5. I know you are keen on computers & the Internet - do you still follow the goings on of the ISL, Storm & Swindon?

I don't follow the ISL at all but I do check up on the Storm website every now and then to see how the team is doing although there is a lot of new faces this year that I'm not familiar with.

6. Would you ever consider returning to British Hockey one day, maybe as a coach / owner in the future?

If you asked me this question a year ago I would have loved to come backand be an assistant coach. Daryl would have to be head coach as I wouldn't want to take away his job, but as of now owning my own business requires me to be here and leaving for a long period of time would be impossible.

7. Who did you most admire that you played with, & against whilst in the ISL ?

The guy I admired most would have to be Dave Morrison, he is a down to earth honest guy, a leader by example and a guy that would go to bat for you. I am a lucky guy to have met and played with Dave.

8. How do you feel about Kurt getting into the New Jersey Devils organization - is it weird seeing him on the Devils bench?

I think it is great for Kurt and the New Jersey Devils organization, Kurt is a professional person with great knowledge of the sport. If Kurt reads this I want 2 complimentary tickets when they're here to play the Flames March 19th.

9. Any ideas / suggestions that you feel would improve the standard of Hockey over here?

The standard of hockey in England will never improve because of the lack of arenas and ice time available for teams.

 10. Any message for the Storm fans?

The effort and support that you give to the team is incredible and the continued support is needed. Thank you again for the tremendous support both at my jersey retirement and at my party, you will always be number 1.

 11. Anything else you want to say?

"MORE SMOKE" (the old guys will know what I mean) The WWF is real! Kick A** Stone Cold! I have too many friends in Manchester to mention them all so hi to everyone back in Manchester miss you lots and hope to see you soon.

Many Thanks Brad, for taking the time to do this interview & may I wish you all the very best for your future on behalf of all Storm fans. Pop back & see us all sometime!!

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Thanks to Barbara Clifford for the interview and pictures.

Barbara's Felix Potvin Site

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