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Hockey Films - The Mighty Ducks Are Champions

What the box says...

ďScreen favourite Emilio Estevez (Stakeout, Young Guns I and II) stars in the hilarious comedy hit, THE MIGHTY DUCKS are CHAMPIONS! Aggressive trial lawyer Gordon Bombay (Estevez) has never lost a case. But when heís sentenced to a community service assignment, he nust coach a ragtag team of pee wee hockey players who canít skate, canít score and canít win! First, he teaches the hapless team everything about winning and then they teach him that winning isnít everything. Watch the pucks fly as THE MIGHTY DUCKS battle their way to the most important game of their lives!Ē

View from Block 107...

The Mighty Ducks series of films is probably the best known series of films featuring ice hockey - thanks in no small part to two things. One, it is made by Disney and two, the NHL contains a team by the same name. Indeed, this film seemed to be a blatant plug for the Disney-owned NHL expansion team at the time.  Enough of the reasons behind the film - is it any good as an ice hockey film?

Well, I think so.... While it obviously lacks the gritty realism apparent in Slap Shot (it is a PG

The Mighty Ducks Cover

compared to an 18 film) it still contains some decent hockey scenes featuring the kids playing and training.

While the ending is pure Disney (ie totally predictable but at least happy) the journey there is quite entertaining - some of my favourite moments are the goalie, Goldberg, being tied to the nets during training to prove that the puck hitting him doesnít hurt that much in the hope he will at least try to make a save in the future and the introduction of the ĎFlying Ví hocvkey formation.

The Mighty Ducks (film version!)

This is definitely a film for those that go to watch ice hockey as a family and want to sit down and share a couple of hours watching a film together. Even those without kids should give it a try - I know that some hockey purists donít particularly like it as a hockey film but hey why not make up your own mind!!

PD - 18/10/2000

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